Friday, June 06, 2008


So in between the storms, once Memorial Day is here, we swim...and swim...and swim some more. Well, by we, I mean my kids. I'm more of a fan of relaxing in the chairs and listening to my iPod and watching the action. We've been to the pool every day except Sundays. When my parents were here, they took them every day for anywhere from an hour to three hours (thanks Mom and Dad!). I'm surprised all their skin hasn't flaked off them yet. I hadn't taken any pictures of them swimming this year and I took Jared and Sarah on Wednesday when Robert took Nicole and Riley to their church activities. Jared and Sarah had a lot of fun in the water and I had fun messing around with different settings on my camera and trying to get some decent pictures. I love that I can take as many pictures as I want without wasting anything. It sure does make it easier to get some decent shots.

Personally, I think those pictures turned out pretty good. The color is nice and the picture is clear. I'm not really a photographer, but I'm having fun and it sure helps to have a decent camera. Now I need to work on the inside shots. Those are so tough.

Now I have some action shots of Sarah jumping onto this poor turtle. She had a blast and reenacted it many times over so I could get some good in-air shots.

It amazes me how much my kids love the water. I never went swimming much like this when I was a kid. My swimming pools were usually canals on our farm and that didn't lend itself particularly to doing tricks and and jumping onto large plastic turtles. Mostly it was a way to keep cool. My kids are all very independent swimmers and didn't have any lessons from anyone except their dad. Apparently he's a pretty good teacher, because they all are very good and not afraid of swimming in deep water at all. Here are a few more shots of them just having fun. I love watching them swim. It is relaxing to me. Much more relaxing then actually being in the pool and being the base if they're playing water tag, or the platform from which to jump, etc.

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