Sunday, June 29, 2008

Frosting Fight!

Hi everyone. This is my friend, Cindi. Her family and ours get together quite often on Sunday afternoons for dinner and games. Here she is, calmly chopping veggies for our sub sandwiches.

Here I am. I usually don't appreciate pictures of me, but I'll be in several this post. I am calmly putting the cheese on our sandwich.

Here we are again and we're not so calm. I'll tell you that I didn't start this, but Cindi may disagree. I promise, I was standing next to her when she finished spreading the chocolate frosting on the cake. She held up the spatula right in front of my face and it looked like she was going to put it on my nose. I said something like "don't you dare" and she just looked at me and grinned and did it anyway! I knew she was a trouble-maker and I couldn't just allow her to get away with it, so I grabbed what frosting I could and got her back.

But she did her fair share of getting me too.

Of course she didn't let up at all and we kept going for a minute or two. The camera happened to be close by and Robert enjoyed getting these pictures of us.

It's amazing one of us didn't have any claw marks after this. I have really long finger nails and it looks like we could seriously injure each other in this position. Just look at the amount of frosting on my face and there's hardly any on hers. I don't know how she managed to get away with that.

After it's over, we're still friends. Although if we had been ruthless and gone for the clothes, I can't tell what might have happened. I'd call Cindi the winner of this skirmish since I can see more frosting on me than on her. Something similar to this event happened over a game of spoons once. Suffice it to say, I won that time and the spoon was very....uh....bent out of shape over it.

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