Friday, June 13, 2008

Crazy Spiders!

There are a lot of interesting creatures in Oklahoma. I posted last week about a huge spider we found. We've determined that it was a baby tarantula since it jumped and had rings on its legs. Now we had a new friend in our garage. Notice I said "had". Robert promptly took care of the problem after we had our fun. This black widow spider had trapped a huge bug. The bug was literally screaming and making a huge fuss about the whole thing. It was caught and there was nothing it could do except make a lot of noise and move a lot. That spider worked quickly and it was amazing to watch.

Those small white balls in the picture aren't egg sacks, thank goodness. Robert thought they might be, but they are just air soft gun pellets.

I feel like we're watching the Wild Kingdom in our yard every day with all the crazy critters we've seen this year!


Sarah said...

wow i dont think i would be able to be within, like, 10 feet of that thing!!!!! sam makes fun of me for it.

lil_drummer_girl said...

haha!! i'm scared of spiders too!