Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Poor Jared (And Mom)

Jared is going to Cub Scout Day Camp for the week and Monday was the first day. The National Weather Bureau issued the following warnings all day Monday.
  • Flash Flood Warning

  • Flash Flood Watch

  • Flood Warning (apparently the... "non" flash type of flood)
So, they went to the church to play in the gym with all the other boys from our ward that couldn't go to day camp. All the boys took it well and had a great time playing soccer, tag, hide and seek, and basketball. Tuesday was slightly soggy, but a lot of fun. The boys went fishing, tied knots, played marbles, played water games, shot slingshots, and started a paper mache project. They are anxious to ride the zip-line and shoot BB guns. We'll have to see what they get to do today.

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Andrea said...

Thanks for setting up the fun afternoon at the church. It ended up being a great day for the boys.