Sunday, June 08, 2008

Sarah's Turtle

We drive by a place near our home where there is a small pond and a dead tree that has fallen half way into the pond. During the warm months it is common to see turtles sunning themselves on the tree, ready to dive into the water at the first sign of danger. Everyone can see the turtles from the road. Everyone but Sarah, that is.

She has been quite upset at never seeing a turtle there. We have pulled over but there is a fence keeping us too far back to get a good view for her to see. The other day on the way to church, we found a turtle in the middle of the road. It is common for them to get on the road to enjoy its warmth, but it isn't the safest place for them. I pulled over, and picked it up. I gave it to Sarah to have (for the day) and play with.

This type of turtle can close itself up so it is totally sealed. You can't get to it at all. Really cool. Sarah named it "Torti". We had a great time, and at the end of the day, sent the turtle back home to.... uh.... find its mom.

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