Sunday, July 13, 2008

Summer Park Day

Thursday was set up for a playgroup at Hunter Park. It was raining mercilessly all morning and so we couldn't go. I talked to Trisha and her kids had looked forward to going and neither of us had been to that park before, so we agreed we would go if the afternoon was nice. It was and we had a good time. It's a great park with a lot of things to do.
Sarah and Faith had fun walking on these wooden pillars. They also provided train rides and went exploring in the forest and played at the splash pad.
Nicole and Marisa walked and talked a lot. They are good friends and I'm glad. Marisa's a good influence for Nicole and her reading/writing. They also kept an eye on the kids while Trisha and I took a walk. Finally, some exercise! I'm so lazy lately...
Nicole loves Gold Whale crackers, apparently. See how happy she looks since I finally let her have the box?
Now just look at her. Someone else wants some and we see this. Typical teenage attitude, I'm afraid. Sharing isn't as cool as it used to be. (JK, Nicole)
This was Jared's favorite thing at the park. He loved waiting for the buckets to dump on him. His friend, Jared, also enjoyed it.
Here are Jared and Eric coming back from the woods. The kids really liked going in there. It's really just a small grove of trees, but I think it made them feel further away from parents and more on their own or something.
Before we left, we tried out the labyrinth. It's painted lines on pavement and you have to follow the pattern to get to the center. It was starting to rain, so we hurried. You're supposed to take it slow and it's supposed to relax you. It wasn't quite like that for us, but it occupied us for about 10 minutes. This is the kids after we made it to the center.

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