Sunday, July 13, 2008


Sarah was spying on Riley. I'm not sure all of her reasons, but she was having fun. And I think she looked cute too. Don't you love the purple star visor combined with too big pajama shirt?

We have a swallow's nest in our front porch area again. Someone knocked the one that was there down and the birds rebuilt it again this spring. The kids say they can see five baby birds in there and we know one has died. Six babies in one nest seems awful crowded and very hot. Every time we go out in the front yard get about 10 birds circling around us. They have a very protective family. We also have a nest in one of our trees out back. I guess one of our trees is officially big enough for that now. One of the babies got out of the nest and was wandering around back there. It was fairly big, but unable to fly. Oreo (our dog) wanted to play with it. The baby bird's parents were making quite a bit of noise trying to get us to go away. Robert put the bird back in the nest, but later on, the bird was out again. There was another bird in the nest, maybe there was a bit of sibling rivalry going on?
Jared grabbed my camera the other day because he wanted to take pictures of the cool clouds outside. This one of the pictures he came back with. He thought it was cool because of the lighter clouds in front of the darker ones. I think he really just likes to play with my camera and came up with a reason to use it. He did use it for what he said he was going to though.

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