Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Kansas City Trip - Day 2

What's staying in a hotel if you don't go swimming?!
We took a quick drive to Liberty, Missouri. Robert thought it was erie reading "Clay County Court House". All he could think is how, once upon a time, that was a sham.
There was a Farmers Market in Liberty and we decided to get some Amish bread (it wasn't that fresh) and some local honey.
Here was a city drinking fountain that was to be shared by all, so there was no more segregation.
Here is Sarah smelling flowers. It looks like she is hurt, but she isn't.
Look ma…. Masons!
"Liberty" interesting oxymoron….. I guess "Independence" is too….
Oh look, another fountain…. Go play kids!
Ok, this pic was staged, but I promise, just two seconds earlier, they were doing this on their own! (It could happen!!!!!!)
Sarah said the water felt really nice!
Libery Jail has a really good groundskeeper.

The jail deserves its own blog, but we were very rushed and we could only get a few picures. They really rushed us.

Can you tell what the story is here? Somebody looks a little bored.

Robert found out that they kept a journal of all the missionaries who have served in Liberty. He went looking but they lost the one for the year he was there. They did have one from the year after and he enjoyed seeing some old friends.
Not too close to Liberty (about 35 miles north) is the town (grass patch) of Far West.
Look at the size of those leaves!
There were four cornerstones of the unbuilt temple. Each was dedicated to something different like Priesthood (High and Lesser), Missionary Work, and the First Presidency.
Memorial at Far West.
Sarah posing on the fence.
The Temple Lot.
Having a fun moment with the kids. They think it's funny to do this hand shake and then try to pull your finger off!
Nicole and Riley having a good time!
Lunch - a very welcomed break. It was only disturbed by a little bit more wind than we wanted and a pesky wasp that paid for bugging us with its life.
About another 45 minutes away was Adam-Ondi-Ahman.
Robert wants to walk… lets the van go by. Of course everyone in the van sees a deer about 45 seconds later! The video camera had proof we saw the deer, but it accidently got recorded over…sigh.
Dad and Sarah and Nicole enjoy the walk
Sacred cows?
Uh, the road is longer than he thought. That will teach Robert to just decide to walk!
And longer still….sigh.
The valley of the ancients. No, no one else calls it that, but it sounds good.
Oh, there is mom!
Sarah's getting tired. Mom is trying to help her.
Here is the valley.

Sarah had simply had enough!
We decided to take a nature walk that kept going and going and going. We decided to go back when the grass got taller and you'll see other reasons why in the next few pictures.

We think this is posion ivy and we stayed away.
Riley found out that he had a ton of ticks on him. Yuck. We tried to get them all….we failed. This is Riley's inspection. We did further checking of the kids on Sunday morning and found at least five more ticks already embedded.
Back down south to Kansas City. This is a huge monument to the soldiers of World War I.
Jared had to go try out his heelies down by the fountain at the memorial.

Sigh… two hours later and here is another tick. Grrrrrrr!
Nice overlook of the KC area.

Playing by the fountain at the WWI memorial.

Dad became overly fascinated with water ripples in the fountain.
It's getting late. Time to hit the road.

We fit a lot of activity into two days. The kids did great. They're old enough to do this stuff and not get completely worn out before the parents are ready to go. We learned a lot and just had a nice weekend as a family.


Thompson Tattler said...

LOOKS like you had a great time. Glad you are back safely. Ticks, in the garden of eden? Who woulda thunk it? I hope they stayed there.

Sarah said...

awesome trip you guys! that sounds like a fun place to go! nicole, did you get contacts? thats a busy 2 days! im glad you guys had fun!