Thursday, July 24, 2008

Muskogee Water Park

On Wednesday we went to a water park that's about 45 minutes away. It's not huge, it's inexpensive, and it's fun (after 7 daycare buses left). It was super crowded until about 3:30 and then it was awesome. I think we were the last of the public to leave the pool. Two of my children had to be herded down the stairs by the lifeguard at the slides because they were closed. It was a lot of fun on a super hot and muggy day. It was even more fun because a lot of our friends were there too.
Here's Jared trying to stay on the lily pads and alligator while crossing to the other side. I asked him before he started if he was going to make it and he enthusiastically said yes. I wondered because a lot of kids weren't able to make it. It's tough to get that lily pad close enough to the alligator to get on without falling off. Plus, you can't see it here, but the lifeguard was constantly splashing water onto the alligator to make it a little more slippery.
I thought he might not make it when he let go of the net and crawled onto the alligator, but he got right back up without slipping off.
Here he is just finishing up. He did great and it was fun to watch. I know it was a lot harder than it looked.
Here are Riley and Sarah going back to get in line to go down the slides. The very first thing we did when we got there was go down the slides. I asked Sarah what she thought and she said, "That was awesome!" My kids really enjoy swimming and slides just make it that much better. They also had a lazy river, but I couldn't be very lazy in it with all the kids pushing and spinning me along. It was fun though. There was a huge area for younger kids too and Jared and Sarah went over there a few times. Riley and Nicole went over there too, but mostly to help out with our friends' younger children. It was a great way to spend a hot summer day and I'm tempted to try and squeeze it in one more time before the summer is over.


Kelly said...

Have you guys seen the new show "Wipeout" yet? It is so funny. It's people doing crazy obstacles--I think Jared would rock it way better than most of the contestants that they have on the show. Watch it if you get a chance--you'll laugh your heads off.

Sarah said...

That sounds like so much fun! I love water parks!