Monday, September 15, 2008

What Is Going On???

Hello folks,  this is Robert... For those of you who don't know... Laura is out of town for the week in Las Vegas... 
  • I could say it was business  (its not), 
  • I could say there was a great sale on breathable shoes at the forum in Caesars (there wasn't) 
  • I could say that the aliens flipped a switch and caused her to goose step zombie style to the mother ship to become more familiar with the phrase  "How to serve man"  (for those of you who don't know my sense of humor... go here...) (but they didn't…I'm not saying some day they won't!)
I could say that my sister Kelli has had a rough couple of months and needed to take some time off and my wife went to join her... and while it is the truth... it is a lot more boring than you were hoping for...

Laura will be going in to work for a day or two, (not too much.. hey, this is supposed to be fun!) but is planning on doing shopping, hair done, movies, and staying up late in PJ's playing cards and eating Ben and Jerry's. 

So, I thought I would jot down a few things that are going on around here.  

Amazingly enough, we made it to church, on time, shirts ironed (I actually like to iron), faces clean and scriptures in hand.  It was a good sacrament meeting.  Sister Lamb gave an outstanding talk on keeping the commandments when we don't want to.  Then Sister Hawkins spoke.  Again, another wonderful talk asking us to be obedient, when it is hard.  Finally Jodi's husband spoke.  That is a rarity, because he is in the Bishopric.  That doesn't happen often. 
Jared and Sarah lazed all over me but were mostly quiet. 

The rest of the day was enjoyed by having a good lunch, tomato soup and an outrageous tuna salad (I love it with celery). 

Dishes were done, clothes folded, songs sung, Sarah and I read 38 pages of "Charlotte's Web" and in the evening we read scriptures... what a good day. 

Oh, and we went out and said hi to our pet spider.  She (he???) comes out every evening at sunset and begins to spin a web.  It is a large web between our house and our tree.  The circle is probably about 4 feet in diameter. 

I went out before bed last night (around midnight) and it was sitting in the middle happy as a ... spider in a web...and this morning (6:30 am) it was still in the middle.  At 8:00 Jared and I went out and the web had been removed.. and the spider was getting comfy for the rest of the day. 
Anyway... just a note. 
 Since my wife is away... somebody has to blog... I told Laura I would spell check... but punctuation and grammar might be too much for I to do. 


Thompson Tattler said...

Good luck getting Laura to learn to serve man. I think we are pre-programmed to watch out for guys like you!! Good job with the kids. You Da Man!!

Triddoch said...

Wow. what man what a man what a man what a mighty good man!

Good for you to last all week.