Tuesday, October 07, 2008


(Written by Robert)
Last Tuesday Laura and I decided to watch the Vice-Presidential debate. We normally don't watch a lot of TV but I wanted to see what was going on. I had heard a lot of talk before saying "Palin really needs to do well, Palin has to reassure the people, Palin has a lot of ground to cover...". I was amazed that the media (I spend most my news time on MSNBC.com) made it sound like she had lost before she even stepped up, and that Biden was simply showing up and was already far superior. Well, I watched, and I liked her. I liked her a lot. I could hear in the beginning how her voice (to me) appeared to be trembling, and that wasn't flattering, understandable, but not flattering. But as the debate continued it was like she found her place, she knew her material, and began to feel much more comfortable.

This is a very good thing. People (actor Matt Damon comes to mind) says that this is a nightmare, that because of her lack of experience, it is ludicrous to consider her a viable contender. I find her being an outsider a good thing. A very good thing. She should scare the people who have been around. They are "around" due to money from lobbyists, and they are beholden to them. As an "Outsider" Palin isn't encumbered that way and is free to act as a politician should, based on their judgment and experience, not on lobbyists.

The good-ole-boys club is nervous, and they should be. She is honest, (admitting when she isn't sure) hard working, (got herself to the governorship without the support of the Big-Boys) and down to earth. I am sorry but the world I live in, is full of soccer moms and grocery stores. That IS America. That is what she knows, and I couldn't support her more! Biden has a great smile, but it was mirthless, trained and well executed. Palin knows how to pay a mortgage, run a business, fight off oil CEO's, and raise a teenager (not perfectly, but who does!!!).
I think what made me most happy today was reading the news about the debate. As expected the focus was still on her, and the worst they could say was... "Palin deliverers, but doubts linger..." Was the debate supposed to remove all doubts on all things, from all people! Where is Biden! My doubts linger about him too! The headline is an affirmation, that she is doing a great job in shaking up the establishment and the worst they could say about her is... "she didn't crash and burn". They are right, she didn't, she did great, and I couldn't be happier to vote this November.

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