Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Fire Bowl

(This post was written by Robert)

Ok, so I am not an outdoors kind of guy, you won't ever see me on a fishing TV show, I don't golf, and I never just sit outside for the fresh air. But the truth is, I like my back yard. I have 2 small trees back there. I have a nectarine tree, I got in a fist fight with it once because it laughed at me, (don't ask it's a long story) and a pear tree (non fruit and very tall). I have a trampoline for the kids and a swing set (it's getting older and I am getting more and more nervous that it will collapse). And now (thanks to my wife) I have a fire pit. I love it! It is big and round and I can park my keester out on the back porch with my laptop and Dutch Oven till my heart is content. And just to sweeten the deal, my wife bought me a can to heat up coals. We (Riley and Jared and I) spent some time getting the coals lit, but once that happened, the can stoked up the coals and we were baking in no time. I am not much of a Dutch Oven chef yet, but we put some chicken quarters in, 8 coals on the bottom and about 15 on the top, waited 45 minutes, a little salt, a little pepper and voila, dinner. Laura correctly pointed out she could have done the same thing in the oven in our kitchen, and I sarcastically responded "Uh, that's why its called a Dutch OVEN!". She, again correctly pointed out, that it wasn't really worth the time. But, I look at it as a hobby and what hobby is really worth the time? Golf? Reading? Model Airplanes? No, it's okay to have a stupid, do something fun, cost hardly nuthin, keep the kids busy, get to eat it later... hobby. Later this week I am going to try some cobbler, and if she is realllllly nice, I might slide her an extra piece.

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