Monday, May 05, 2008


(This post was written by Robert)

We have been so busy that it was rather low key. We went to Cowboy Sharkies. My steak was far too rare. I am never picky, and this is the first time I have ever sent something back, but this was really bad. Laura got the fettuccini alfredo, and there were not enough noodles. It was like fettuccini soup. We also got the stuffed jalapeno peppers wrapped in bacon. The bacon was near rare as well. It had good taste but near impossible to eat. My salad was good, I asked for blue cheese dressing (very much an acquired taste) and it came with it, but I asked for more dressing and got ranch. Sigh, at least the conversation was good....Then we went to Best Buy. For Laura's gift I wanted to give her a picture frame that cycled photos for her office. We looked at them and it was $200 for a 7" display and it only had 150MB (I think...) of memory. That isn't near enough for the amount of pictures that we have. We both looked at it and decided we could get another 19" flat screen monitor for her desk and that would suffice. We also looked at mounting brackets for speakers and found that they are much more expensive than I first thought. Ok.... things are not going so well. Laura got me a fire bowl for the back yard. I have wanted one for a long time. I will be cooking Dutch oven .... something... in it tonight for dinner. We have a Father and Sons' camp out coming up this weekend and I want to Dutch oven.... so I thought it only wise to practice at least one dinner in it before we go. Then we went to Freshberry That was good. I love frozen yogurt and this placed opened up just down the street. Okay it's on 111'th so it is 2 miles from Yale to Memorial, then 4 miles from 151'st to 111'th but, in Tulsa miles, it's right next door. All in all it was the end of a busy week, getting ready for a very busy tomorrow (Jared's 8th birthday).

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