Thursday, May 01, 2008

It Is Never Simple....

(This post was written by Robert)

The first of May seems like a good time to start writing. Spring is in full force... The kids will be out of school soon...Saturdays are jam packed with shopping, errands, yard work and the occasional nap (very occasional...). Wife is busy making prep for a birthday party for Jared (turning 8). Most moms would simply get a cake and frost it. That is NOT Laura. Lets see, she
  • Made (by herself) aprons for the experiments
  • Got the microscope out
  • Spent the afternoon shopping for beakers to be sealed to mix colored water and oil
  • Making slime out of Borax soap and Elmer's
  • Pop rock gum candy
  • Had me go to Wal-mart to get film canisters (remember the old 35mm kind?) so she can fill with water and an alka-seltzer (impressive boom for 8 yr olds)
  • Got Diet Pepsi and a thing of Mentos (supposed to be cool)
  • Glued two 2 liter bottles together by the neck, so they drained the water into each other, making a cool tornado
  • A baking soda volcano...
  • Baking soda, food coloring and vinegar fun...
  • She is brave enough to let the kids decorate their cupcakes.

    So, Jared is very excited.

    We got the Tennis Shoes among the Nephite series. The CD's for books 6 - 10. Fairly hefty. I ripped books 6 and 7 tonight. Jared and the rest of the family will love it.

    Jared will be baptized in a few weeks. We are very excited.

    I could add more but brevity is....

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