Monday, April 06, 2009

Soccer Referee

Ok, I've been reprimanded again for not updating my blog. I'm a serious slacker and I apologize. I really do have a lot of exciting things to report, but I get overwhelmed easily. I'll do my best to catch up and keep up!

Riley really wanted to become a soccer referee this Spring. He paid for and took the class, passed with flying colors, and bought his uniform. He's refereed several games and gets paid pretty well for them. It will really help him with his own knowledge of the game and I love that he has ambition to do something that can be difficult. I wouldn't want those parents mad at me for calling something on the field. He started with U8 teams and will move up to U10 and become a line ref for the older U12 and U14 teams. Eventually he may ref for competetive teams, but that's a few years down the road.

I have a few pictures of him at his first game.

Great job Riley!

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