Friday, November 21, 2008


On November 6th we had a storm. It came up pretty fast and was pounding rain super hard. You can see how big the raindrops were in this picture: Oh yeah. Look closely at that picture. Do you see anything strange? Like maybe a whole bunch of metal posts sticking out in weird directions. Well if you can't see it in that picture, have a look at the next one:I trust you can all see what happened. No, we don't have two trampolines. Several of our neighbors have trampolines and one of them decided to jump over the fence and join ours. Seriously, it had to climb over the fence and the neighbor's yard has a fence too. Somehow a big gust of wind got in there and swept it up and over. We're lucky a pole didn't fly through the boys' window. One of the poles was thrown and stuck into our trampoline mat.

This particular neighbor happens to be Jared's teacher at school and we've had a few laughs over it, since there wasn't any serious damage done. We needed to replace our trampoline anyway because my kids have worn it out. A few of the welds on the legs are broken and it's cheaper to buy a new one. I offered parts of ours to fix up theirs since they happen to be the same kind. Needless to say, it was quite a surprise to see that scene.

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